Raj (rajho0t) wrote in scissorfans,


Hi...Today..I wake up.
Teresa tells me that we have to get there early to go into the soundcheck because of her live 105 won tickets. So we leave at 3.
We get there early and its cold and it turns out there is no soundcheck, oh well.
I finally met Jessica! Wow! Haha, she's a cool girl, fun stuff.
I think I saw about a whole bunch of people from board and livejournal and stuff and barely any of them said hi! What losers! Anyone who saw me, leave me a fucking note/comment thing. Please! haha. Um..Ya.
So We eat and go to see AFI.
AFI = Rad as hell. Great show again.
After the show I go home and get changed and here I am.

The day was ok, nothing really special, other then AFI of course, I was really tired the entire day and hate the fact that school starts tomorrow. But that's life.

It was good to see the community raise their heads for AFI. I love when everyone comes together, whether its familiar faces or poeple I know, it feels like I belong to something and that feeling is beautiful..

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