Raj (rajho0t) wrote in scissorfans,

Epilogue To A Car Crash

We might hook up this saturday at the iceoplex with AFP. Keep on a lookout for that.

july 28th: imusicast: circle takes the square, mannequin, the last chapter, keep screaming, Epilogue To A Car Crash

aug 7th: iceoplex: Epilogue To A Car Crash, Loveshop, MLS/Jack Sparrow ect. ect.

aug 17th: jim dandys in prunedale: scattered fall, the last chapter, syds, Epilogue To A Car Crash, and another tba

Question: We need a venue for Wednesday, AUGUST 13. We have 3 bands. Epilogue To A Car Crash, The Spotlight Sydnicate, and Disconnect. We can get more or fit into someone else plans. Any takers? Let me know! =)
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